Monday, March 16, 2015


Students-prostitutes are in great demand among the rich men!!
Hi! My name is Lola and I’m a student.
Practice shows that prostitutes are not only under duress, but the other girls who do not have enough money for everyday needs. Therefore, such a special place among prostitutes occupy girls students. After all, at the present time, there are not just ordinary girls that night gnaw granite science, and those nights provide sexual services to wealthy men.
The men, of course, love of Independents-students, because these girls agreed to please a man all night, just to get the money for it. Because of their naivety and inexperience, they make you blow on the cheap compared to professional prostitutes that even for such a fee in the car with you not sit down. Now imagine if this students double their standard fee? Yes, they will worship you all night and agree on anything.

 In addition, these girls of easy virtue attract many men of his youth and timidity. Mature men often want to know all the mysteries of the timid young woman's body and thus try to loosen up the girl and teach all the details of their sexual lives. After all, men like comfort coeds. Such communication directly overstates male self-esteem, as near as fragile and little stranger any man can feel sexual giant. It is quite understandable, since, on the other hand a man tends to look more fit to meet his party in the evening or at night. These prostitutes prefer men who are over forty, to feel again like a young and popular. These prostitutes seemingly ordinary girl who diligently study, but in his spare time from school, they become poor and hungry for money insatiable girls. Some girls provide sexual services to all those who wish to, while others, having worked himself clientele, sleeping only with certain uncle. Here they are student temptress and good girl.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vika's advice №1



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